Anonymous social media cannot impede the law

460773149 They say the era of the selfie is coming to an end. Whether that’s true or not, it’s hard to deny that online networking is turning from self-promotion to faceless engagement, but what does this mean for crime and redemption? With news hitting this month that Facebook is preparing to launch Rooms, a stand-alone social media app that allows users...

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The Blagger’s Blog 10th October 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort  

Thought for the Week 

“We’re screwed.” White House Correspondent Major Garrett commenting on the arrival of the ebola virus in the U.S. following a press conference on the risk to public health a day before the UK began screening for the infection at all airports. The...

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Social media and staff- is trust more important than reach?

Ar0010000 If you’ve been keeping an eye on the media news this week- as we have at this particular award-winning Manchester PR agency- then news from India’s biggest newspaper probably won’t have passed by unnoticed. And for good reason too, as irrespective of your particular industry, it calls into question a few moral, ethical and practical issues with the biggest of...

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Four things NOT to use in your social media content strategy.

Social-Media-Fail What not to Tweet – RT and follow to #Win Four things NOT to use in your social media content strategy. Vanity seems to be an underlying issue for a lot of brands wanting to use social media to market their business. ‘I want thousands of likes because my competitor has’ or ‘if I have 10,000 Twitter followers customers will...

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Social media marketing: 5 mistakes people still make on Twitter

twittermistakes1 As expert digital public relations professionals and deft social media marketing types it goes without saying it’s our business to keep abreast of best practice when it comes to the world’s most popular 140-character-based network. Not that we want to blow our own trumpet too loudly. Of course the pace of development on Twitter, and pretty much every other social...

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