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An agency is only as strong as its people, and we have some very strong PR professors aboard. With decades of experience between us, ranging from consumer and B2B public relations to marketing and journalism, expect inquisitive minds, original thinkers, first rate multi-media experts, and fearlessly intrepid industry orchestrators . Not to mention stand out results.


Your career

At Smoking Gun PR we’re always interested in meeting potential colleagues and welcome applications from novices and veterans alike. That is providing they can think laterally, and come up with inventive and ingenious ideas on a daily basis. Oh, and they need to be jolly nice too; after all, we’re a friendly old bunch. Please visit our PR jobs page for any current vacancies

Rick's Story

Rick's Story

Rick Guttridge

Managing Director and Co-Owner

Rick previously enjoyed spells in full-service agencies, was MD at major consumer specialist PR outfit and has led accounts on many major international brands. He is committed to continuous professional development and enjoys helping staff grow as much as seeing clients in the media.

Rick grew up with the media in his blood thanks to his Uncle Peter, an acclaimed writer. The obsession was confirmed whilst a paperboy, reading the sports section of every national between deliveries each weekend. This was the same time he showed his first entrepreneurial spark, taking on paper rounds for the Wigan Reporter, Leader and Observer papers covering his entire village, before sub-contracting school friends to work for him.

Later, Rick’s customer centric approach and business understanding was formed when working for major companies Whitbread, Georgia Pacific and Royal Mail.

After breaking into media by launching and editing JJ’s magazine for Wigan Athletic Rick faced a career crossroads when he was offered an agency PR role and a position as a football correspondent with the Wigan Evening Post. He chose PR and has never looked back.

His all time favourite story is Lord Of The Rings which he feels remains as captivating for him now as it was when he was a child.

Vanessa's Story

Vanessa Guttridge

Director and Co-Owner

It was clear from a very early age that a vivid imagination and a love of people and company were central to Vanessa’s personality. Over the years these skills became turned into a flair for story telling, becoming the obvious basis for a future in communication.

Vanessa has worked at a variety of PR, event and integrated marketing agencies in addition to in-house marketing and PR roles after studying media production.

Whether dressing Coronation Street stars on the catwalk, running private parties at the homes of England’s international footballers or securing full-page features in national press, Vanessa’s friendly demeanor always comes to the fore.

Vanessa showed glimpses of her future career choice when taking on the task of organising her university leavers ball with her friend, in the process booking up and coming comic Peter Kay to headline the event for the princely sum of £250 with a rider consisting of several hotel mini bars worth of booze!

Vanessa’s chosen story is Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol (it does not pay to be mean, however everyone deserves a second chance)

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Hayley's Story

Hayley Peters

Operations Director

In every successful agency you need a mix of experience and fresh ideas. With more than eleven years behind her in Manchester’s communications industry then, during which time she has honed impressive skills and developing forward thinking concepts, Hayley represents both those requirements, personified.


Beginning her career at the age of just 17, just over a decade later and Hayley has racked up the kind of resume that would make many more mature professionals green with envy. A specialist in travel, hospitality, mother and baby, food, and retail public relations, her CV name-checks some of the biggest brands in those businesses, from Aldi and Warburtons to Holiday Inn, All Saints and Eurocamp. That’s before we come to mention the British Army.


With a keen understanding of what constitutes successful strategic planning, and a love for the same insight-driven approach that lies at the heart of the Smoking Gun PR, her love of data, reports and intelligence-focused campaign work means it took no time at all for Hayley to become a core member of the family here on Bridge Street. Forsaking fluff for hard work based on real insights and knowledge garnered from a big agency background, to say we value her input would be the understatement of the century.


Hayley’s favourite book is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, which transfixed her as a teenager because of its moral hero and the moving nature of the story told through the eyes of a little girl, making it the first book she ever felt emotional about.

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Sarah's Story

Sarah Twyman

Associate Director

As one of our most senior team members, you might expect Sarah Twyman to be a seasoned public relations veteran with a passion for seeing big ideas brought to life, and a desire to thrust brands into the spotlight, irrespective of their size or budget. But all that would really be an understatement.

With more than 12 years in the industry behind her, Sarah has had time to specialise, carving out a niche for herself in the fashion and beauty sectors, whilst also developing her skills across the playing field. The end product being an enviably knowledgable professional who places creativity and insights at the centre of her work, crafting innovative campaigns for companies before providing them with the results to prove exactly what she has achieved on their behalf.

Hence her being such a good match for Smoking Gun.

Originally hailing from Kent, but having spent seven years working in London after graduating from UCLan with a degree in Journalism and Fashion Promotion, Sarah boasts an intimidating list of household brand names, all of who she has assisted in garnering attention from the public and press alike. From major supermarket chains and hotels brands to some of the most recognisable firms in the FMCG marketplace, she brings to our office a strategic mind full of unique concepts- exactly the kind of tour de force our clients deserve.

Sarah’s favourite book is 1000 Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini for many reasons, not leas the fact it’s one of the only stories to ever make her cry.

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Jane's Story

Jane Alcock

Associate Director

A fresh face on Manchester’s PR scene, with a refreshingly fearless approach to match, Jane’s experience speaks volumes. She brings over a decade of experience working alongside some of London’s brightest creative agencies, and dealing with brands ranging from Kenwood to Mumm Champagne, she leaves an impressive trail of campaigns in her wake.


Jane’s interest in the media developed while studying the subject with Psychology at university. A month after her move to the capital she played a part in organising Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit party and a brand building role for FMCG soon followed. As did a journalist in a pumpkin, a pub for dogs and a Bond girl dressed in carrier bags.


More recently Jane has adopted an epicurean attitude towards her career with work for Phipps PR. Her job – promoting Green & Black’s, Kettle Chips and Tio Pepe – was almost as enviable as the following career break spent in the Alps and Cornwall.


Jane is currently trying to read the Game of Thrones books and struggling to work out whether to read book three or watch series four.

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Rose's Story

Rose Allerston

Account Director

A love of writing and storytelling led Rose into the world of PR, and her wizardry with words has made her a valuable addition to the industry, not to mention our agency. Beginning her career at a celebrity and entertainment media agency in London, she spent much of those early years chasing down the capital’s elite, running from one exceptionally well orchestrated red carpet event to another.

Skipping forward to today, Rose now has over seven year’s experience in the public relations game, and during this time has honed her notable skills to focus on several distinct specialisms; travel, arts, culture and interiors. Enviable by anyone’s standards, career highlights include heading up major PR campaigns for clients ranging from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to Silentnight.

Despite such high flying achievements, Rose does ‘Northern Grit’ very well indeed, not that this is too surprising given she calls the Derbyshire Peaks home. Hence an Instagram account full of the stunning scenery surrounding said house. Working with real determination and dedication to any project, she’s happiest when brainstorming creative plans with her teams and developing strategies for high impact brand undertakings,

Rose’s favourite book is The Colour Purple, by Alice Walker, because it reminds her that anything is possible. Oh, and she’s also obsessed with sausage dogs.

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Gio's Story

Gio di Cosmo

Digital Account Director

“I don’t just love words, but the data that lies behind them in the online world.” Introducing our head of all things digital, Gio di Cosmo, a man who puts things better than we ever could.

With a career history that began in Leicester, touched on London, before heading north to our own home of Manchester, breadth of experience is one way to describe Gio’s past. Under his own admission, he’s less a PR person than webbie — and indicative of our desire to draw in talent from across the media playing field. He started out on the ladder at as website manager, beginning a long-lasting involvement in both affiliate marketing and PPC campaigns.

Gio’s passion for languages — their technical and historic development — extends well beyond the coded, too, and can be traced back to studying English and French Literature at the University of Warwick. A truly multi-faceted asset to our company, in the time between then and now he has covered everything from SEO to social media and content creation, meaning there really is no better man for the job at hand.

Although he studied an array of seductive and saucy Gallic novels ‘purely to pass my degree’, Gio’s all-time top story is Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying Lot of 49, thanks to its breathtaking fusion of chaos and communication, the play-within-a-play format, and the yarn’s ability to leave you guessing as to the scribe’s real motivations. An unforgettable read.

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Emma's Story

Emma Beard

Publicist / Junior Account Manager

As advocates of a new approach to PR- one that takes in talent from a wide range of sectors to create a truly multi-disciplinary, multi-skilled and creative task force- it makes sense that one of our desks provides a home to someone whose career spans everything from the UK charts to public relations.

Introducing our Publicist and Junior Account Manager, Emma Beard. Joining us from a decidedly varied, not to mention somewhat star-studded background, she brings to the team a wide range of communicative experience, proven agency success, and a desire to achieve the best possible results for brands and personalities alike, via unique and innovative approaches to starting conversations.

Having a clear understanding of the way in which publicity works, on both ends of the camera, positions Emma as a truly rare asset, with her time spent as a recording artist signed to one of the world’s biggest record labels affording an understanding as to exactly what clients expect, want and require when engaging with any media representatives.

Moving herself out of the limelight, and into the fast-paced world of public relations, where she specialised in fashion, the result is more than a decade spent honing her knowledge and expertise, making this particular member of our in-house family a genuine one-of-a-kind. Outside the office, Emma likes to busy herself in the open countryside- in her own, typically tongue-in-cheek words: ‘imagine a Nike advert, that’s me, on the weekend’.

Emma’s favourite book is Harry Potter, simply because she would have loved to study at Howarts, and not least because of the adventures, mystery, mischief and friendships that prevail the fantasy seat of academe. Oh, and the magic, of course.

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Martha's Story

Martha Downing

Senior Account Executive

Martha represents the new generation of public relations and marketing experts- those whose knowledge of the game has been gleaned from involvement in both sides of the industry. The result being another asset for our highly acclaimed team.

A former broadcast journalist, Martha’s journey to Bridge Street takes in high profile news organisations ranging from BBC Radio Manchester to ITV, where she was a production journalist covering the Channel Islands. Both positions followed undergraduate and post graduate courses in English Literature and History, and Broadcast Journalism respectively.

After establishing herself with the press she decided it was time for a new challenge, making the leap across to the other side of the phone line, taking up a post at a Guernsey PR agency, where those finely honed skills in live programming, writing, story sourcing, interviewing and news gathering did not go to waste. Now firmly settled back in Manchester, with the city’s finest communication innovators (us), despite missing the sea dearly Martha is building on our capacity to fulfill a broad range of client requirements, whilst also bolstering our niche skillset no end.

Martha’s favourite story is Bram Stoker’s gothic masterpiece Dracula, because of the way it gives such an insight into Victorian society, and no matter how many times you read the tale it remains as terrifying as ever.

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Meabh's Story

Meabh Crehan

Junior Digital Account Executive

A testament to Smoking Gun PR’s focus on investing not just in the future of our own agency, but the future of the industry as a whole, Meabh Crehan is proof that hard work, insight and the desire to achieve both academically and professionally count for much in this game.

Joining the team initially for a placement year amid a Marketing Management course at Manchester Metropolitan University, her keen eye for quality writing and clear understanding of what’s needed to take control- be that of a campaign or pitch- marked her out as the best candidate for the role. Meanwhile, time spent volunteering in Mumbai, where she taught English, Arts & Crafts, confirms she’s more than willing to roll up her sleeves and get involved for the good of worthy causes. Now, Meabh joins the Digital team working part-time whilst completing her final year at university.

Meabh is Greater Manchester born and bred, and as such already has the core skills needed to succeed in this northern powerhouse. Namely determination and creative flair. After working in and amongst a digital marketing agency during her second year of studies, she quickly realised the fast-paced, varied and challenging agency lifestyle was for her. A wonderful addition to our team who displays talents far beyond her experience, to say her endeavours thus far have impressed would be an understatement.

Meabh’s favourite book is One Day, by David Nicholls, as it reinforces the idea you should live in the moment and grasp any and all opportunities that come your way.

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Rhianna's Story

Rhianna Tudor

Junior Account Executive

They say good things come to those who wait. Here on Bridge Street we prefer to think great things come to those who work, with our current placement student, Rhianna Tudor, providing the Smoking Gun evidence of just how true that is.

Originally hailing from North Yorkshire, Rhianna has since moved south to find herself in England’s friendliest city, Sheffield, where she is currently in the midst of a BA Honours in Public Relations at the city’s acclaimed Hallam University. One of the best places in the country to study media courses, it’s no surprise she managed to bag a 12 month role here at Manchester’s most ingenious PR firm.

A founding member of her university Cocktail Society, Rhianna is already a dab hand at liaising with business owners, planning and running events. Hence her experience at the intimate but highly regarded Y Not Festival in Derbyshire, where she took on the role of artist liaison and stage hand, betraying a love for performing on stage herself- from the Tour de France Celebratory Gala Dinner in Leeds, to Handel’s Messiah with the Parliamentary Choir at York Minster. Like we said, hard work, we’re keen to make sure her efforts do not go unrewarded as she hones skills with our talented team, and most likely teaches us a little something in the process too.

Rhianna’s favourite book is currently Gone Girl, because it shows that there are two sides to every story.

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Martin's Story

Martin Hewitt


Martin is a wordsmith who contributes to national print and digital titles, senior editor at Design Exchange Magazine, DJ Magazine’s clubs editor, and a desk editor for UK press agency Free Features. When he’s not penning sentences for Smoking Gun’s acclaimed blog, that is.
With some eight years experience writing on music, food, travel, current affairs, the media, public relations and social media, and a previous life spent handling clients for Marks & Spencer, mumbling aside he understands how to communicate effectively in terms of both copy and conversations. Meanwhile, his desire to learn and master the latest and greatest trends impacting the industry makes him the perfect fit for this award-winning public relations agency.
Martin’s most captivating story is The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4. A far cry from his usual reading material, which largely consists of depressing foreign correspondences, this honest look at life as a teenager in the era before Britain went digital invokes memories of his own school days, and all the things he used to think about but was too nervous to let anyone know.