Alex Thomson

A picture tells a thousand words, and great design speaks equal volumes. As such we were always going to hear Alex, what with his exceptionally vocal visual work, which has been used in everything from big brand campaigns to body-positive protests.
Born and raised in Manchester, Alex’s introduction to the world of artistry began during his time as a freelance graphic designer, from which his first in-house role, as junior art director, soon followed, giving him hands on experience delivering eye-catching images for companies such as Aldi, Royal Mail, and nPower.
Joining a PR agency was on the cards for some time before Smoking Gun offered him a job as Creative Manager- as one look at his decision to create a fast-response piece for a brand, poking fun and openly criticising a hugely controversial advert, making national headlines in the process, spurring him on to join wider protests in the capital. The result meant a growing appetite for media-related projects.
Soon finding himself freelancing again, project work was then replaced by an in-house position again, offering a brief respite from the mayhem of creative self-employment, before our team got in touch after having used his skills several times to offer him a full time role, generally making everything from our blogs to client marketing materials look as good as we all deserve.
Alex’s favourite book is the Game of Thrones series- which he pored over in print rather than on screen, when he wasn’t watching his beloved Manchester United, because he enjoys escapism. Hence regularly heading out to the countryside to enjoy hiking with his family.
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