Emma Beard

As advocates of a new approach to PR- one that takes in talent from a wide range of sectors to create a truly multi-disciplinary, multi-skilled and creative task force- it makes sense that one of our desks provides a home to someone whose career spans everything from the UK charts to public relations.

Introducing our Junior Account Manager, Emma Beard. Joining us from a decidedly varied, not to mention somewhat star-studded background, she brings to the team a wide range of communicative experience, proven agency success, and a desire to achieve the best possible results for brands and personalities alike, via unique and innovative approaches to starting conversations.

Having a clear understanding of the way in which publicity works, on both ends of the camera, positions Emma as a truly rare asset, with her time spent as a recording artist signed to one of the world’s biggest record labels affording an understanding as to exactly what clients expect, want and require when engaging with any media representatives.

Moving herself out of the limelight, and into the fast-paced world of public relations, where she specialised in fashion, the result is more than a decade spent honing her knowledge and expertise, making this particular member of our in-house family a genuine one-of-a-kind. Outside the office, Emma likes to busy herself in the open countryside- in her own, typically tongue-in-cheek words: ‘imagine a Nike advert, that’s me, on the weekend’.

Emma’s favourite book is Harry Potter, simply because she would have loved to study at Hogwarts, and not least because of the adventures, mystery, mischief and friendships that prevail the fantasy seat of academe. Oh, and the magic, of course.

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