Gio di Cosmo

“I don’t just love words, but the data that lies behind them in the online world.” Introducing our head of all things digital, Gio di Cosmo, a man who puts things better than we ever could.

With a career history that began in Leicester, touched on London, before heading north to our own home of Manchester, breadth of experience is one way to describe Gio’s past. Under his own admission, he’s less a PR person than webbie — and indicative of our desire to draw in talent from across the media playing field. He started out on the ladder at as website manager, beginning a long-lasting involvement in both affiliate marketing and PPC campaigns.

Gio’s passion for languages — their technical and historic development — extends well beyond the coded, too, and can be traced back to studying English and French Literature at the University of Warwick. A truly multi-faceted asset to our company, in the time between then and now he has covered everything from SEO to social media and content creation, meaning there really is no better man for the job at hand.

Although he studied an array of seductive and saucy Gallic novels ‘purely to pass my degree’, Gio’s all-time top story is Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying Lot of 49, thanks to its breathtaking fusion of chaos and communication, the play-within-a-play format, and the yarn’s ability to leave you guessing as to the scribe’s real motivations. An unforgettable read.

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