Jessica Higgins-Braddock

When you consider just how obsessed with data we are here at the Smoking Gun PR HQ it’s no surprise our Social Media and Community Manager, Jessica Higgins, took little time to settle in at our ever-ingenious agency. She is, after all, something of a numbers girl herself, professionally and personally speaking.

With a career spanning around half a decade already, Jessica has an impressive list of work for equally impressive brands in her portfolio, having been involved with campaigns for household names such as Imperial Leather, Aldi, Original Source, Avis, Carex and Visit Wales, giving her enviable experience across a broad range of sectors and companies.

Choosing not to go to university, Jessica is the epitome of determined, setting out to achieve great things via hard work in practical situations, proving to be a natural in the communications business, who understands exactly how clients should be represented, and have their expectations met. Hence her immediately becoming an integral cog in our family once she joined us from another leading PR agency here in her hometown of Manchester.

Jessica’s favourite story is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, by Seth Grahame Smith, because she loves it when a classic yarn is turned upside down and inside out.

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