Martha Downing

Martha represents the new generation of public relations and marketing experts- those whose knowledge of the game has been gleaned from involvement in both sides of the industry. The result being another asset for our highly acclaimed team.

A former broadcast journalist, Martha’s journey to Bridge Street takes in high profile news organisations ranging from BBC Radio Manchester to ITV, where she was a production journalist covering the Channel Islands. Both positions followed undergraduate and post graduate courses in English Literature and History, and Broadcast Journalism respectively.

After establishing herself with the press she decided it was time for a new challenge, making the leap across to the other side of the phone line, taking up a post at a Guernsey PR agency, where those finely honed skills in live programming, writing, story sourcing, interviewing and news gathering did not go to waste. Now firmly settled back in Manchester, with the city’s finest communication innovators (us), despite missing the sea dearly Martha is building on our capacity to fulfill a broad range of client requirements, whilst also bolstering our niche skillset no end.

Martha’s favourite story is Bram Stoker’s gothic masterpiece Dracula, because of the way it gives such an insight into Victorian society, and no matter how many times you read the tale it remains as terrifying as ever.

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