Rose Allerston

A love of writing and storytelling led Rose into the world of PR, and her wizardry with words has made her a valuable addition to the industry, not to mention our agency. Beginning her career at a celebrity and entertainment media agency in London, she spent much of those early years chasing down the capital’s elite, running from one exceptionally well orchestrated red carpet event to another.

Skipping forward to today, Rose now has over seven year’s experience in the public relations game, and during this time has honed her notable skills to focus on several distinct specialisms; travel, arts, culture and interiors. Enviable by anyone’s standards, career highlights include heading up major PR campaigns for clients ranging from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to Silentnight.

Despite such high flying achievements, Rose does ‘Northern Grit’ very well indeed, not that this is too surprising given she calls the Derbyshire Peaks home. Hence an Instagram account full of the stunning scenery surrounding said house. Working with real determination and dedication to any project, she’s happiest when brainstorming creative plans with her teams and developing strategies for high impact brand undertakings,

Rose’s favourite book is The Colour Purple, by Alice Walker, because it reminds her that anything is possible. Oh, and she’s also obsessed with sausage dogs.

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