2011 in retrospect (through Google)

With the memories of last year already beginning to fade now we’re all back in the swing of things at work it’s no wonder a video that summarises the whole 12 months is currently topping the viral charts, getting bloggers blogging, and lighting up social media hotlines everywhere. After all, without it how would we be able to figure out what just happened?
Even if you do still recall everything though the clip is well worth checking out.Ā Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review has had an impressive 7.5million views (give or take) since it was uploaded mid-last month, and is Google’s homage to the year that was, featuring major events that took place across the world, all recounted through search engine requests. A nice idea, albeit saturated in sentimentality, we’re just trying to think if there’s anything they’ve missed off, apart from Smoking Gun PR turning two, of course!