How this mother and baby PR agency helped treble Childs Farm’s sales

Mother & Baby PR Agency


The Impact

Without a single penny spent on advertising or paying influencers, Childs Farm went from emerging disruptor to the fastest-selling brand in its sector. Thanks in no small part  to effective Mother & Baby PR. Or, to put that another way… 

*Sales of Childs Farm products increased from 1 to 4 bottles per minute in the UK 

*One PR activity alone delivered £1million in sales 

*New listings were secured with Sainsbury’s and Boots Sun Shop 

*The brand expanded globally with our international PR guidance & toolkits

*Thousands of print, digital and broadcast media and key influencer hits worldwide

*Dozens of high quality ‘follow’ web links secured boosting the brands D2C ecommerce, further growing profitability

Disruptor to leader: Our game-changing PR transformed Childs Farm into a dominant FMCG force.

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The Challenge 

All-natural sensitive skincare brand Childs Farm has never had a product problem— its lines in moisturisers and toiletries have a loyal customer base, not least within the mother and baby sector.  But brand awareness had flatlined, the public profile of its founder could be better maximised, media coverage hadn’t reached the masses and PR wasn’t being measured as effectively as it could to provide more business impact. 

The company needed a fresh comms partner to galvanise growth.

It found us, and our proven track record for delivering mother and baby PR services, not to mention extensive background working with FMCG brands. 


The Game Plan 

How do you increase sales, maximise reach and grow customer loyalty? 

By shining a spotlight on founder Joanna Jensen, we humanised the brand, developing its position as a caring, family-run business. This story was told through blanket national newspaper coverage, broadcast business news and buyer’s bible, The Grocer. 

Activating advocates increased awareness through organic word of mouth recommendations and first-person accounts of how products changed lives. Narratives were secured in major global media titles such as LadBible and MailOnline, and prime TV spots like This Morning.  

Reaching out to key social media figures specialising in the sector— particularly Tots 100 parenting influencers— ensured some of the most persuasive mother and baby voices were on-side. 

Strategic partnerships with respected professionals such as paediatric dermatologist Dr Jennifer Crawley cemented the company’s status as a trusted expert in its sector. This delivered consumer coverage directly linked to the brand. 


The recognition 

The partnership has been recognised by both our peers with a number of high quality award wins for both the client and ourselves:

Mother & Baby PR Agency Mother & Baby PR Agency Mother & Baby PR Agency Mother & Baby PR Mother & Baby PR Mother & Baby PR


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