3D, it's the future

Everyone seems to be going crazy about 3D right now.
There has been an explosion in the number of 3D cinema screens across the UK in 2009 with studios releasing a broad slate of 3D movies, including Disney Pixar’s UP and James Cameron’s Avatar.

A number of 3D television channels are also planned with many viewing 3D as the next natural evolution in media technology after high definition.
ESPN has announced a 3D channel, which will showcase over 80 live sporting events, beginning with the World Cup. Sky is also expected to launch a 3D channel later this year.
However, a recent survey by Ipsos MediaCT found that just 18% of consumers are aware that new 3D TV broadcasts will be available in the near future.
Overall interest in the idea of watching 3D TV broadcasts at home has broad appeal at 40%.Interest rises amongst those aged 15-24 (60%) and among among those who have seen a
film in 3D at the cinema (55%).
The research indicates there is an opportunity for 3D TV, but broadcasters and manufacturers face a considerable challenge in convincing consumers that they should invest in 3D.
The latest 3D movies have helped create an appetite for 3D content, but it is important to keep it in perspective. Less than 1% of televisions sold this year will be 3D capable. Sony predicts that the format will not truly take-off until 2012.
Courtesy of Feather Brooksbank research team / Source: MediaTel/Informitv.com