5 tips for great social media video content, from our experts

No need to thank us. We tasked Smoking Gun’s talented digital team with putting together a short but very sweet clip, dedicated to the art of making great social media video content for your brand.
Trailer over, here’s the main attraction…

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Tip 1
Ensure all your key messages are within the first 10 seconds of the video, because there’s no guarantee viewers will watch the entire clip- there are so many distractions vying for their attention.
Tip 2
Keep it short- according to video creation specialist Wistia, clips with the most traction are a maximum of two minutes long, after that running time engagement begins to fall significantly.
Tip 3 
Don’t rely on sound. Although our recent roundup of the 7 essential Facebook changes you may have missed in 2017 includes autoplay vids with sound on the network, you can’t be sure that everyone watching your video has this function enabled, or that they will be watching in a situation where they can have the sound on.
Tip 4 
Keep it engaging. This one stands to reason, you need to have a quick fire, high impact clip in order to retain people’s attention and stop them from moving on.
Tip 5 
Always capture more than you need, because not everything will be usable when you come to watch the footage back and begin the editing process.

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