So you want a PR, social media or content marketing
job in Manchester?

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We’re always happy to hear from ambitious people at all levels who are looking to progress their career
(or gain work experience) in a fast-paced and creative PR and social media agency.

Who are we looking for?

We actively seek out a mixture of skills and personalities amongst our team. We boast a motley crew
of former fleet street hacks, experienced flacks, digital darers and staff who boast year’s of experience
both in-house and agency side.

What unites us all is a passion to deliver ingenious work that makes an impact for our client’s businesses.

All staff must demonstrate the following values:

Smoking Gun company values

Create Ingenious is our ethos, an invitation, a call to arms, a way of life. Tell us what it means to you.

Why work at Smoking Gun?

Aside from over 60 leading industry awards (judged by peers and experts), we’re also officially a PR Week
UK Top 30 Consumer Agency and a Prolific North Top 25 PR Agency. These accolades recognise the quality
of our client work, focus on the business impact we deliver through communications to our clients and
internally on the development of our team and continued high levels of growth.

Of course we work hard and play hard. You have to in this game. We also care about our colleagues and
have a supportive, empowering community, where we work together for the greater good, not individual glory.

We invest at least £1,000 per person in training each year, plus a personal development pot that helps grow
and enrich our staff’s life skills out of the work place. From saxophone to baking, motorcycling to Arabic
lessons, nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing our people grow.

Monthly coaching sessions with line managers ensure that appraisals and growth aren’t just an annual affair.
Thanks to our internal monthly awards scheme and peer to peer recognition, staff can earn plaudits and
real life benefits from extra holiday to retail vouchers. Simply by doing their job.

Our city centre office is pretty special too.
Home to the Seven Wonders of Smoking Gun, our Ingenuity Lab and rooftop garden.
Call in for a chat and we’ll be happy to show you around!

Current PR jobs / Social Media Jobs:

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Consumer PR account manager

Social Media Manager

How to apply?

We expect more than simply bog standard CVs and covering letters so if you are interested in working with us,
get your thinking cap on and come up with an ingenious way to capture our attention. It’s a competitive world
and we’re sure to set you a task to enable you to prove your mettle.

To get you started, here’s a bit of inspiration from some other ingenious job hunters …

Tally bagged herself a contract with us by showing she knew how to get a target audience both talking and
tweeting about her in an unforgettable way. Thoughtful preparation and ingenuity combined to see our
staff receive personalised packs that hit our sweet spots in more ways than one, all backed up with unique
video content and she even coded her own game.

Anne-Marie Bailey secured herself a seat in the Smoking Gun office with a stand-out industry blog.
Featuring interviews with managers and key industry thinkers who discussed the best tactics for finding graduate
roles, her tenacity stood out from the crowd and impressed us enough to offer her, her first full-time industry role.

Over in the US, Alec Brownstein got his dream role with a clever Google Adword campaign to bring up a message
from him every time one of New York’s leading creative directors entered their own name into Google.

So, have a closer look at our website, get to know what we are all about and dazzle us with your ingeniousness –
we look forward to hearing from you.

Please send all job enquiries to Rick or Hayley at jobs(at)