Addition to the Bank Holiday shopping list

Congratulations! You, like all of us here at Mount Street’s sharpest shooting digital PR agency, have made it. Now we get three days off to do pretty much whatever takes the moment’s fancy… within reason, of course.
The weather outside the window’s not looking too pleasant, so here’s hoping for an improvement tomorrow, allowing for some outdoor action. If that doesn’t happen there’s always the old T.V., which might seem in more urgent need of replacement after feasting your eyes on the latest ad for Samsung from CHI & Partners at The Drum.
We could only put the teaser below, which is currently causing a bit of a stir online in its own right, so to clarify everyone jumps on the Eurostar, puts the  flatscreens in the windows, and enjoys travelling through the Arctic, India, and other far flung places. OK, so it’s not realism, and if it were there would have to be rules in place forcing strangers sitting opposite each other to agree on what to watch. But still, if you’re looking for an innovative way to deliver the message that a modern TV is real-life perfect then this is a beautiful example of how to do it. Enjoy the weekend.