AMEC Measurement Month 2019: How to measure PR

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Another year, another global push from AMEC measurement month to raise standards across the public relations industry when it comes to effectively measuring PR’s impact on organisation’s objectives.

At Smoking Gun, we’re committed to doing more than our bit to help the sector in this regard – the clue’s in our name after all!  This year I’ve contributed a short blog to AMEC about how to persuade clients with small budgets to invest in measurement.

Closer to home and in the true spirit of inter agency collaboration as part of AMEC’s Common Ground initiative, we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite friendly rivals to create a new resource aimed at sharing best practice with other agencies (also works for in house teams).

Below is the official news story and video:

Three leading Manchester PR agencies have united to share best practice with other agencies in proving the business impact of public relations campaigns.


The heads of Intelligent Conversation, Smoking Gun and PR Agency One have created a short free film offering practical advice to other agencies in getting started or enhancing their own measurement  offerings.

The move is part of a global ‘Common Ground’ initiative aimed at sharing best practice amongst agencies led by The international association for the measurement and evaluation in communications (AMEC)  which is committed to improving the standard of measurement of communication.

 AMEC Global Managing Director, Johna Burke says: “There is a belief among many agencies that robust measurement and evaluation is expensive, time-consuming and technical, or requires sacrificing fee to a third party. All the evidence shows that not only is that not the case, but better measurement leads to better budgets, as well as better results. 

By addressing these and other common misconceptions, Common Ground aims to create a rising tide that will lift all agency boats and is only made possible by agencies dropping competitive tendencies for the sake of the greater good.

Manchester has become a beacon for forward thinking PR agencies in regard to measurement excellence and indeed all three who have united here were recognised in our most recent global awards for outstanding work.”

Smoking Gun’s MD Rick Guttridge added, “Whilst our agencies may compete for share of client wallet we’re all committed to working together for the greater good in lifting standards of knowledge and best practice in PR measurement.”

Common Ground has the support of agencies of all sizes globally as well as that of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) and the PRCA.

For agencies, freelancers or in house teams wishing to learn more about measurement, visit AMEC’s website for free resources, or follow the hash tags #amecagencies and #amecmm on social media throughout November which is Measurement Month.

Still want more?

Read one of our past AMEC measurement month posts here and watch our classic video on PR measurement we created for AMEC Measurement Month 2016: