Blagger’s Blog: Trump books, wise power, City sexism

“And I’m writing a book. I wrote 12 books, they’ve all done very well.”

US President Donald Trump segueing into his literary prowess amid a speech about US troops killing ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Weekly High

We’re not sure how this passed us by first time but Eskom’s super-clever billboard is doing the rounds again online, proving that some ads never grow old. The South African utility company’s visual stunner was inspired by the country’s ongoing power shortages.

Weekly Low 

Spare a thought for whoever decided to run this job ad. Surely no longer in work considering the emphasis now rightly placed on promoting women’s football and gender equality in general, the tweet says it all.

Need to know

Twitter has banned all political advertising in the run up to the UK elections amid fears of misinformation biasing results.

Facebook hasn’t.

The BBC is potentially facing countless equal pay legal battles as Samira Ahmed’s case begins.

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