Blagger’s Blog— 2 awards, 1 tiger and loads of typos

“If you’ve got a life that so many people didn’t have, you can’t waste it.”

Master storyteller Judith Kerr— author of the Mog books, The Tiger Who Came To Tea and When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit— who died yesterday, aged 95.

Weekly High

Smoking Gun has cleaned up at this week’s award ceremonies. In Prague we took hime two golds at the AMEC Awards— Most Effective Planning, Research and Evaluation of Consumer Communications and the Step Change Award for Best Improvement of a Measurement Journey. And, closer to home, Manchester’s Prolific North Awards saw us win Best B2C. Needless to say, there was dancing. Congratulations to all the winners.

Weekly Low 

Raising the question ‘who the hell signed this off?’, Australia has printed 46million $50 bank notes, all of which have a typo on them. Way to make the Hawksmoor Manchester staff feel better about accidentally serving a £4,500 bottle of wine instead of one priced at £250.

Need to know 

LinkedIn is joining Facebook in the battle to block political interference online by adding a new ad transparency tab on its Pages.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been indicted by the administration of President Trump, effectively challenging the first amendment of the US Constitution.

According to a recent Ipsos Mori poll, 46% of consumers do not believe GDPR has made a difference, with 17% believing things have become worse since the new regulations came into place.

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