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Weekly High

The Financial Times has introduced a new bot that warns its writers when they are using too many men and not enough women in their articles. An April 2018 study by the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at King’s College London found that 77% of all quotes in leading UK media outlets are from male sources.

Weekly Low 

Issuing an apology is always a good idea when a comms crisis emerges and the business, or one of its reps, is at fault. The problem is, people tend to remember the fail rather than amends when someone tells the press that trans and plus-size models don’t reflect ‘the fantasy’ they sell. Two employees have quit in the days that followed Razek’s comments, including the Victoria’s Secret CEO, and models have condemned the company.

Need To Know 

Facebook is rolling out another change to its algorithm to ‘decentivize’ controversial and offensive content— so basically downgrading anything that comes close to the policy line by reducing visibility in feeds. 

Some 800 BBC TV and radio presenters could face tax dodging charges as a result of the broadcaster’s failure to clear up its payments system.


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