Blagger's Blog- Boris bungles, Apple's app-free world, social extremism


Weekly High

Apple has put together a new video which asks the question ‘What would the world be like without apps?’ Granted, it may not be the biggest quandary facing us right now, but it’s a fine piece of work nonetheless. Take a look.


Weekly Low


With extremism on all sides a major issue right now, the fallout in terms of the big social networks is really starting to bite. Facebook has announced new measures to counter those using it to spread hatred and hatch terrifying plans, offering free ads to anti-terror groups, but the reputational damage is done, with millions expected to be lost in advertising between Zuckerberg’s baby and Twitter if a new report is much to go by.


Need to know

*According to the Reuters Digital News Report, around 1/4 of those surveyed say they now use private messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, as news sources.

*A decision is expected to be made next week by regulators as to whether Rupert Murdoch should be allowed to fully takeover Sky TV, increasing his share from 31%.

*It’s Glastonbury weekend, meaning if you’re not staggering around the world’s biggest festival site you’re probably receiving a lot of Out Of Office responses, and if you do anything remotely music related you might as well finish for the day right now.


Just in case you missed us

This week we have been getting serious about digital on the blog, so that means running through some of the best steps to perfecting your content strategy,  advertising for our new graduate scheme- which starts in September- and looking at Earned social media, and how to maximise this for your brand.

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