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A British flag which was washed away by heavy rains the day before the Brexit vote lies on the street in London, Britain, June 24, 2016. REUTERS/Reinhard Krause

OK, so this isn’t exactly a high, or a low, but it made us chuckle so much it couldn’t not make the grade. According to one EU diplomat, quoted by The Independent, many in Brussels now believe the UK has a cunning plan up its sleeve, because the approach to Brexit is so utterly shambolic London couldn’t possibly be this disorganised.

“I think it’s tactics: they are playing for time on purpose under the pretext of chaos in London. In September they are going to swamp us with (position) papers on the fault lines- exactly the issues where they know we are divided.”


Weekly Low

Disney has fallen foul of the age old adage- no children or animals. Jake Paul, who had a deal with Disney Channel, not to mention more than 8million YouTube followers, but despite being 20 years old still enjoys acting like a kid. Making a name for himself as a prankster, it turns out neighbours near his West Hollywood home have had enough- ten are filing for damages, causing Mickey and Co to try and distance themselves from the young man in question.

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