Blagger’s Blog: Democracy… I’ll eat my own cup

Weekly High

You should know only too-well by now that Smoking Gun is a huge supporter of sustainability and a more responsible approach towards business and branding. With that in mind we’re inspired to see the ever-impressive marketing team at Air New Zealand trialling new edible coffee cups on its flights. Not least as there a few better things to accompany a cup of ground beans than vanilla biscotti.

Weekly Low 

Whether you got the result you wanted or not, few can deny that last night’s UK General Election result reveals catastrophic problems at the campaign headquarters of many parties. Marketing — from brands to political parties — is about cutting through noise, understanding what resonates with the target audience and delivering memorable messaging. #PRFail.

Need to know

Instagram is rolling out a new option to create Stories collaboratively.

Great Point Media, which has funded shows such as Line of Duty, has raised $180million for new films and TV shows, and now intends on building a ‘Hollywood style’ film studio in the UK.

1 in 6 tweets aimed at UK General Election candidates in the last week was abusive.


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