Blagger's Blog- Dirty Dancing gone bad, SodaStream ad gold, beer for women backlash


Weekly High

SodaStream’s Homoschlepiens commercial has it all- a little romance, plenty of wit, a strong environmental message and- by its own admission- a plot that makes absolutely no sense. Oh yeah, it also features Mayim Bialik, for all you Big Bang Theory fans out there. Definitely deserving of its position near the top of this week’s viral chart.

Weekly Low


Everybody knows we live in a patriarchal society where gender equality is a red herring, but did you know that, until recently, women couldn’t drink beer? No, neither did we, the press, or the public, given the scathing reactions to the launch of Aurosa, the first ‘premium lifestyle beer aimed at women’. It comes in pinky-lilac bottles, obvs.

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Just in case you missed us

In recent times we’ve written about the Southern Rail intern who managed to do a better job managing the train company’s Twitter account than the pros, and pondered on the lack of regionalised media and marketing efforts in the UK.

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