Blagger’s Blog: Elf, South Dakota’s PR problem

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Smoking Gun Manchester PR

Smoking Gun Manchester PR

New York hotel Club Wyndham has unveiled its big festive pull for the year — a suite that has been designed with Buddy from the timeless Christmas classic ‘Elf’. On top of the decor you can see, every booking comes with tickets to some of the Big Apple’s key attractions, and a kitchen stocked with enough refined sugar to panic anyone’s doctor, allowing you to recreate some of the movie’s notoriously sickly recipes. We love it.

Weekly Low 

The US state of South Dakota has a huge problem with crystal meth addiction. The local government decided enough was enough and set about launching an awareness campaign. Sadly, nobody noticed slogan “Meth, We’re On It” is not so much clever as it is ripe for ridicule and satire.  Laugh, cry, give up? Who knows what to do next.

Need to know

Oscar-winning team Aardman Productions — the studio behind Wallace & Gromit — have opted to ditch the BBC in favour of Netflix for the next major movie, which comes in the form of a musical.

Aldi’s Kelvin the Carrot advert is the most impactful of Christmas 2019, so far.

Twitter has rolled out its ‘Hide Replies’ option for all users.

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