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Weekly High


Human rights charity Amnesty International wins out for best social media ad of the month (at least) with this exceptional bit that highlights how people can still make a difference even in the age of information overload, while taking a welcome pop at those who write off making a stand as a symptom of generation snowflake.

Weekly Low 

Manchester has made global headlines for all the wrong reasons this week when bike share scheme Mobike decided to pull out of our hometown due to the cost of stolen and vandalised units. It’s the first city in the world to lose them, which is embarrassingly bad PR but even worse for proposed major cycling projects proposed off the back of the service.

Need To Know  

Instagram is considering launching a standalone app for online shopping.

Donald Trump has criticised Nike’s latest ad campaign, which features NFL star Colin Kaepernick, who famously knelt during the US national anthem to highlight racial and social injustice.

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