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Weekly High

Kleenex at the ready, in the last seven days despite some stiff (and controversial competition- check the 10 Years of PornHub clip doing the rounds online) this advert promoting fostering, produced for the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth, and Family Affairs, managed to top our list of must-sees. We shouldn’t need to explain why once you’ve watched it.

Weekly Low


From a party, and its supporting press, turning on her, to the rather eyebrow-raising move to form a coalition with the DUP, and accusations that, despite visiting the site of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire, she didn’t formally meet any of the victims or their families, this week has been a catastrophe for the UK PM Theresa May, the likes of which you might think are impossible to return from. We shall see.

Need to know

Tech company Wearhaus has announced new earbuds which connects wirelessly to other pairs, on other people, allowing gym users- and anyone else- to listen to music through headphones, with their friends.

Twitter has unveiled a major aesthetic overhaul to its apps, including rounded profile pictures and bolder story headlines, as Social Media Today reports.

Fox News has dropped its tagline, ‘Fair and Balanced’, replacing it with ‘Most Watched. Most Trusted’.

Just in case you missed us

This week we have been obsessing over last Friday’s #GE2017 result, and put together our own PR take on what went wrong for the Tories, and right for Labour, when it came to drumming up public support.

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