Blagger’s Blog— Fyre relit, AeroMexico trolls America, Poundland plastic, BBC Brussels move

Weekly High

AeroMexico has tackled the stereotypes of its homeland in the eyes of US citizens head on with the airline’s latest commercial. An instant viral success story, all other examples of trolling pale in comparison.

Weekly Low 

Struggling discount giant Poundland thought it had hit on a clever idea with its Valentine’s Day gift pack containing nothing, which is what many people ask of their other halves for 14th February. Sadly, though, it didn’t think about all the plastic being used for what is essentially an average joke. Oh dear.

Need to know

Twitter is testing out a new ‘Original Tweeter’ tag which will highlight the primary source of conversation threads. 

The BBC is considering establishing a new international base in Brussels in order for it to continue broadcasting to Europe after Brexit.

BA is celebrating its 100th birthday this year, and has promised 100 acts of kindness, building on its ‘BA Magic’ stance which in the past has seen it help with proposals and offer money-can’t-buy travel experiences.


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