Blagger's Blog: Glen Campbell, hip hop at 44, nuclear war isn't a PR tool


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Today marks the (unofficial) 44th birthday of hip hop, a genre that kicked off under the bridge in ‘boogie’ Brooklyn (although some might disagree) and has since produced some of the most valuable media products of all time, giving rise with Forbes estimating the industry’s total worth at $10billion back in 2004. To celebrate Google has dedicated its homepage to the culture, with an interactive doodle that lets you play the turntables, and we’ve been running through our favourite tracks in the office, although few summarise the scene’s monumental rise better than Biggie’s classic.

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Whichever way you look at it, nuclear war is neither funny nor a good peg for a PR campaign. Given the escalating situation between the US and North Korea- with Trump today claiming to be ‘locked and loaded’- this map for house buyers looking to escape potential British blast zones, put together by a British estate agent and subsequently mailed out to journalists, defines poor judgement.

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This week we have been considering the true value of brand ambassadors and celebrity endorsements in the wake of Helen Mirren’s comments about L’Oreal.

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