Blagger’s Blog: Global warming and fat-shaming

“It’s really hot.”

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Every single person in the UK on Wednesday and Thursday as temperatures reached  38.1C, making 25th July 2019 the country’s second hottest day on record.

Weekly High

Another week, another piece of innovative PR from the Netherlands. This time its KLM, which shot itself in the foot just over seven days ago amid breastfeeding furore. Now the airline is back and trying to convince passengers to take the train in a bid to secure a more sustainable future for air travel.

Weekly Low 

Fashion retailer Forever 21 didn’t seem to realise that putting free diet bars inside customer’s shopping bags as part of a new brand partnership might cause some people to feel offended and fat-shamed. Well, they did, so let’s hope this doesn’t happen again.

Need to know 

Twitter has secured the broadcast rights to show highlights from the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Like it or not, the UK has a new Prime Minister— Boris Johnson— who immediately launched one of the most ruthless cabinet reshuffles in living memory. Here’s what the papers said.

Mothercare has unveiled plans to spin off its UK retail operations into independent franchises amid struggling sales.

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