Blagger’s Blog— Google is revolting

Weekly High

We were big fans of Childish Gambino’s hit single, ‘This Is America’, and its hardline message about modern life in the USA. We’re also big fans of this parody from British comedic hero Lenny Henry, which makes a similar point about the decline of TV’s influence on young people.

Weekly Low 

In a shocking case of customer service at its worst, US internet service-providing giant Verizon has apologised this week for using data-throttling to slow down data speeds firefighters were reliant on when tackling wildfires in California over summer, and in one case actually charged a department double for access.

Need To Know  

Facebook is introducing new options to create video from still images and text assets.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has proposed either an ongoing or windfall tax on tech giants like Google, which could be used to help fund independent media in the UK.

Netflix has begun testing adverts in between programmes, with (very) mixed receptions.


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