Blagger’s Blog: Grenfell, loneliness, rights

Weekly High

With Christmas adverts starting to materialise — check our blog on Argos’ excellent effort — one of the most difficult times of year for many people is imminent. With that in mind this Cadbury’s campaign aimed at tackling loneliness, #DonateYourWords, has understandably been back in the social media spotlight, and wins out for the best marketing impact of the last seven days.

Weekly Low 


When customers talk about boycotting it’s never, ever anything but terrible news. This time it’s over a new contract ASDA staff are being asked to sign, which impacts on paid breaks, Bank Holiday rights and introduces ‘on our terms’ shift scheduling. Some staff who have refused the terms have apparently found themselves out of work.

Need to know

WhatsApp has launched a new product catalogue for small businesses.

Heineken has done away with its plastic can toppers in favour of cardboard, with plans to roll this concept out across its entire product range by 2020.

UK TV shows now have an all-time high number of LGBT characters, with women outnumbering men.

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