Blagger’s Blog— Greta gets real, Visit X Box wonders, ASOS unstitched

“Is my microphone on? Can you hear me?”

Smoking Gun

Teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg giving UK politicians a heavily-loaded question in the wake of Earth Day 2019, asking why more has not been done to listen to school-age and adult protesters, and why the necessary steps have not begun to meet global emissions targets.


Weekly High

Whoever came up with this one needs some serious credit. Console giant X Box’s latest campaign is themed on travel, coming under the tagline of ‘Visit X Box’. Put simply, it’s a showreel of stunning gaming environments rebranded as ‘tourist destinations’ players can visit from the comfort of their couch.

Weekly Low 

Every home-shopper’s favourite binge-store, ASOS, broke the number one rule of fashion this week by publishing a photo of a model in a dress, with bull-clips visible helping keep garment in desired position. A minor detail, but it really is all about the detail.

Need to know 

Content be advised— Facebook is testing a new swipeable News Feed a la Stories.

The BBC wants to make iPlayer content streamable for up to one year in a bid to claw back ground lost to Netflix, a service that took its lead from the success of Auntie’s model— currently regulation restricts how long the public broadcaster’s shows can be available on catch up.

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