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H&M have kept us entertained this week, with the fashion retailer signing Naomi Campbell up for a Japanese-karaoke inspired tribute to George Michael (fittingly, Campbell was a good friend of the great man). So, let’s run that through one more time- Japan, Karaoke, 80s power pop. What more do you need?

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The Ryanair customer service desk at Dublin Airport, as the crisis over pilot shortages and warnings that crews are rejecting cash bonuses to commit to the airline will be addressed.

Ryanair is no stranger to our archive of public relations disasters, and after a few years trying to be kinder to customers the airline is back again for all the wrong reasons. 400,000 passengers have been impacted by flight cancellations resulting from a shortage of pilots. The fact airline regulator CAA has had to demand the company offer some information on alternatives to those effected explains why they are our on hit list for the last seven days.

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This week on the blog we have been pondering on the future of paper itself, or rather the potential lack thereof, and shared some thoughts on the importance of ergonomics in the office- namely standing desks.

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