Blagger’s Blog: Joker, Banksy, athletics

“Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?”

Joaquin Phoenix in his new role as The Joker in Todd Phillips’ latest thriller, ‘Joker’.

Weekly High

This week Banks unveiled his latest work— a full shop in Croydon. The catch? None of the doors actually open. Word is the secretive artist was advised to create a retail space with his ‘merchandise’ after a card shop was found trying to flog greetings with his name on them. A shop will apparently help him protect his own copyright.

Weekly Low 

You may not have even realised it, but the World Athletics Championships have ben underway in Doha, Qatar this week. Amid searing heat those competing have done their best during events that have been marred by woeful under-attendance (crowds are said to have numbered 1,000 in the main stadium) and serious concerns over temperatures. It is being branded a catastrophic fail in terms of sport PR and event management.


Need to know

Instagram has launched a new messaging app for close friends, ‘Threads’.

Coca Cola has unveiled its firs Coke bottle made using plastic from the sea, and partnered with Diesel on a collection of recycled clothing.

DC Thompson media has launched a new women’s magazine aimed at the over-55s market, ‘Platinum’.

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