Blagger’s Blog— Les bans pub, Flybrary, pay cuts for ‘new PM’

“We called up Les Dennis and asked if we could open a bar in his honour. He said no.”

Licensee Jake Goldstein, explaining how he opened a pub in Brighton named after comedian Les Dennis. The bar has now been renamed Cease & Desist, for obvious reasons.

Weekly High

easyJet Traveller is one of our favourite in-flights— well written, quality content, in bitesized chunks ideal for short-to-mid-haul routes. Now the airline has loaded 60,000 books in seven languages aboard planes departing the UK thanks to a new Flybrary partnership with Harper Collins. Even better.

Weekly Low 

Far be it from us to wade in on politics, but when a public figure comes across this badly in an interview clearly there’s a publicist asleep at the wheel somewhere. Boris ‘Almost PM’ Johnson’s only response to the question of when he has ever put the country before personal gain basically boiled down to the fact that if he gets into No.10 he won’t be able to make as much money on the side. Our hearts bleed.

Need to know 

Instagram has introduced new ‘anti-bullying’ measures, including warnings on comments and user restrictions.

The Australian government has issued a warning to Facebook and Google over plans to introduce stricter regulations.

New UK laws designed to expose the beneficiaries of ‘obscure financial structures’ may actually make it more difficult for media and researchers to expose money laundering, campaigners and journalists have warned.

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