Blagger's Blog- Let's get positive, World Smile Day, and P45s

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Weekly High

Sticking with big positives after our opening quote, today is World Smile Day, which is pretty much one of the nicest things in the world ever. Or at least since last year’s 6th October. With this in mind time expect to see plenty of pearly whites all over your social feeds today.

Weekly Low

Theresa May’s speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester started badly- a  security breach and a P45. Then it got much, much worse when the UK’s first amongst equals suffered a coughing fit. When you’re media and public speaking trained, with the motto of strong and stable, this really isn’t great publicity.

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Just in case you missed us

It has been a furiously busy week on the blog, as our latest newsletter was released to subscribers. This edition included Rick Guttridge’s thoughts on the Bell Pottinger scandal, and the PRCA’s reaction; our argument as to why PR without measurement is ‘fluffy PR’; the question of youth sub brands, and whether they are hot or not; a spotlight on the booming eCommerce scene in the North West; and the latest news from here in the office. Oh, and we also shared some thoughts on taxis, Uber, and the need for consistency and standards in business practice.

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