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Quote of the Week


“The most important responsibility we have on this planet is to take care of one another…”

Miley Cyrus at the One Love Manchester concert on Sunday night, a message that will always ring true.

Weekly High

It’s all over then, kids and not-so-much-kids. Yesterday saw the UK go to the polls in what has been one of the hardest fought general election campaigns in recent memory, with press bias, mud-slinging, social media vitriol and attempts at public shaming becoming our daily diet for the last month. As such we’re sure you’ll agree it will be nice to get back to some degree of normality, and not just for those like ourselves who work in the media.

Weekly Low


British Airways has been through the gates of PR hell this week after a catastrophic IT error saw 672 cancelled flights. The airline has since blamed ‘an engineer’ for the problem, saying they managed to cut power to the firm’s data centre, made a pig’s ear of the reboot, and left circuits redundant. In short, they unplugged the wrong thing. An estimated minimum £100million compensation bill will have to be paid, but can faith in the brand recover?

Need to know

According to a survey by The Independent, 75% of stories about Jeremy Corbyn in the run up to the election misrepresented the Labour leader.

Apple has made its own TV series, Planet of The Apps, an unscripted reality show which will be available to watch via iTunes and Apple Music.

A smart sleep mask has been developed by Sana Health which promises a wonderful rest by targeting the brain with vibrations and patterns- interesting news considering we work with the UK’s sleep expert, Silentnight.

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