Blagger’s blog: Mystery cat and the best C4 ad ever

“Most people I spoke with can see it looks like a big cat, but some are saying it’s probably just a domestic.”

Amateur photographer John Pearson on his sighting of a ‘mysterious beast’ in countryside near Castleford, West Yorkshire.

Weekly High

Channel 4 has turned prejudiced and unkind viewer complaints into a new advert championing the network’s diversity and the quality of its programming. A bold but effective move.

Weekly Low 

Journalism union the NUJ has felt the need to highlight the growing number of attacks on members of the press by far right extremists.

Need to know 

Jeremy Kyle is returning to ITV via new shows, months after his controversial chat show was cancelled following the death of a guest who failed a lie detector test.

Facebook is hiring journalists to curate its soon-to-be-launched dedicated news section, and reportedly ready to millions to publishers for the content…

…and in other Facebook news, users can now clear advertising data held by third party websites, block apps and sites from sharing anything more and block all associated services. 


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