Blagger’s Blog: Best of Christmas 2019, and worst

Weekly High

It’s being touted as the £100 Christmas ad that ‘blows John Lewis out of the water’. Let’s avoid subjectivity, though. Either way, this low budget clip for a family-run hardware store in Wales is a thing of real beauty, poignance and genuine festive spirit. A welcome break from, well, everything really.

Weekly Low 

Digital spin and cycling workout class Pelaton has come under immense fire for its ‘dystopian, sexist’ Christmas advertising campaign this week, shedding $1.5billion from the value of its shares. Not the best move at a time of year brands really need to make the most of. Agree or disagree with the criticism, the ad certainly makes it clear that the US market is vastly different to our own.

Need to know

Instagram has published a new guide for parents and teens to help vulnerable young people use the app safely.

The results of The Drum’s Experience Awards were announced at a red carpet ceremony on Wednesday evening — among the winners were former Blagger’s Blog Weekly High, Air BnB’s ‘Night At The Louvre’.

UK political activism group Led By Donkeys has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help combat an expected ‘blitz of disinformation’ the Conservative Party are believed to be planning for the last week of the election campaign.


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