Blagger’s Blog— Pollution makes cars cheap, but don’t tell Trump

 “She said ‘don’t worry it’s only the press'”

US President Donald Trump on the advice UK Prime Minister Theresa May have him during his state visit this week.

Weekly High

 How do you sell an electric car to residents of the most congested— and second worst polluted— EU capital, Bucharest, when the majority of citizens consider the model unaffordable? How about lowering the price when air quality levels plummet? Nice idea, Renault, whether it converts into sales or not.

Weekly Low 

Anyone tuning in to BT Sport for last weekend’s Champions League Final between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool might have noticed problems with the stream. Big problems. One of the most significant nights in English football history, needless to say the provider has been torn apart on social media since.

Need to know 

John Lewis is to trial a new VR shopping experience so you don’t even have to get out of bed to get a new bed.

Google will launch Stadia, it’s video game streaming service, in a number of countries this year— including the US, UK and Ireland.

Liverpool’s Champions League success has described by the city council as having ‘incalculable’ PR benefits.

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