Blagger’s Blog- Royal [email protected], plastic in Manchester, fake BBC


Weekly High

Trash all over the street

Since our last Blagger’s Blog we’re delighted to have seen news that Manchester City Council is intending to make our hometown the first city region in the UK to ban single use plastic. How’s that for good PR?

Weekly Low

goroka, papua new guinea - september 16, 2011: colorful portraits of aboriginals at Goroka Tribal Festival.

This week the BBC has admitted that a scene from the documentary series Human Earth was faked. The footage in question showed members of a tribe in Papua New Guinea building a tree house high in the canopy, but was apparently staged for the camera crew. In an era of media mistruths, this is hardly the best news.


Need To Know

Facebook has rolled out new data controls in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The creators of smash hit Netflix series Stranger Things are being sued by a director who claims they stole the plot from his 2012 short film. 

Baidu has created a device that can translate speech from any language, into any other language, in real time.

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Over the past few days we have mainly been thinking about why PR measurement and evaluation matters to your brand.