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Weekly High

1ADEEA70-9D3A-44CC-9583-0FC106DF813CSubbuteo has just unveiled its first ever— not to mention the world’s first ever— women’s football set. Which is definitely about time. Here’s to progress.

Weekly Low


This week news hit that Cambridge Analytica will cease to exist as a company following the Facebook data harvesting scandal, accentuating just how shocking the situation is. Worst breach of trust in the 21st Century thus far?

Need To Know

WhatsApp’s clone of Snapchat’s Stories now claims 450million daily users worldwide.

Fewer than one in seven photographs on front pages of the world’s most read newspapers are taken by women.

65% of consumers use smart speakers while cooking and 37% use a voice assistant.

Just In Case You Missed Us

On the blog this week we have mostly been looking at how the public believes advertisements are becoming more common and more invasive, and perfecting PR measurement on social media channels.

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