Blagger’s Blog— Smartphone Britons, North Face, Google gags China

Weekly High

Outdoor clothing company The North Face has just unveiled a new pop-up store, which is located 2,100m above sea level on a remote mountain side in the Italian Alps. Now this is how you make a splash while emphasising your brand identity.

Weekly Low 

Despite it’s mantra of ‘Don’t Be Evil’, information gatekeeper Google is reportedly developing a censored news source and search engine for use in China, which is worrying news for anyone that had hoped the world’s most populous country was easing up on its control of the media, and terrible PR for a firm that claims to be on the side of democracy.


Need To Know

Radio 4’s flagship morning news programme, Today, has lost 800,000 listeners in the last 12 months.

Men are around four times more likely to be quoted as expert sources in the UK media than women, research has shown. 

Facebook has now added activity trackers to both Facebook and Instagram in a bid to help users monitor their activity and time spent on the networks. 


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