Blagger’s Blog— SocialGlasto, sausage bikes and antisemitism

“Do you think you’re hard, not following me back on Instagram?”

One of the quotes that made it onto Vice Magazine’s ‘All the things we heard at Glastonbury this year’, published after the 49th edition of the festival last weekend.

Weekly High

While Deliveroo is trialling a Manchester-only bacon butty delivery service, Gregg’s has gone one better by teaming up with Just Eat to bring sausage rolls— vegan or meat— to doors across the country, and has this sausage roll motorcycle side-car to prove it.

Weekly Low 

If you’re gonna run a social media campaign that includes any form of automation think carefully before hitting ‘launch’. Adidas is the last brand to come unstuck after trying to push its new Arsenal shirt. Inviting people to tweet it, the company offered them the chance to receive personalised images with their Twitter username. Nice idea, until the trolls get involved and the corporate account winds uno sending out antisemitic, racist abuse.

Need to know 

Legendary satirical rage Mad Magazine is to cease general monthly publication in autumn after 67 years.

LinkedIn has altered its algorithm to focus on broadening engagement on the platform.

BBC News at Six has held on to its title of UK’s most watched bulletin, apparently in part thanks to the overwhelming popularity of anchor George Alagiah.

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