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Weekly High

US carrier Southwest taught the world a lesson in impromptu PR opportunities recently, though, by allowing a passenger to fulfil his ambition of taking a picture of the Earth within its atmosphere— even going so far as to make minor amends to the flight path to give him the angles required. Cue stories, images and videos across the world, all containing both brand name and praise for how accommodating they were.

Weekly Low 

Online rumours abound this week, as ever, the most worrying being the fact Amazon may have started employing a ‘Twitter army’ whose sole job it is to jump on negative sentiment regarding staff wellbeing, customer service and more, and try to change the bad vibes to good. If it’s true this is a huge #PRfail. Even if it isn’t, the reports are damaging enough.

Need To Know  

Twitter is launching a new set of ad labels for political issues in a bid to increase transparency.

The Mail on Sunday’s star columnist, Rachel Johnson, has been given the boot amid widespread staff changed at the media group following the departure of former editor Paul Dacre. 

Coca-Cola’s impending purchase of Costa Coffee is being touted as a brand expansion move as the company looks to diversify beyond the kind of sugary soft drinks currently under attack by health organisations.


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