Blagger’s Blog- Stephen Hawking, empty shoes, deep holes

Weekly High

This week there have been pro-gun control protests across the US, with students walking out of schools in a bid to try and promote change. Few stunts were more emotive than 7,000 empty pairs of shoes placed on the lawn of the Capitol Building in Washington, though; one for every child shot and killed in America since the Sandy Hook massacre of 2012.
Weekly Low
Chester West & Chester Council, along with the authority’s highway man, were relentlessly mocked this week after an official tweet was sent out trying to reassure people a MASSIVE pothole didn’t need repairing, when it clearly does.
Apple is buying up Texture, an app billed as Netflix for magazines, giving users access to 200 digital publications for a monthly fee
LinkedIn has released a new guide to help people optimise their ad campaigns on the network.
Just In Case You Missed Us
This week we went in deep with an explanation of how to get your PR measurement metrics to drive new business and sales, and questioned if the ship has sailed for influencer marketing.