Blagger’s Blog— Underestimation, Bluetooth beer cans and vaccinations

“I have spent my life with people underestimating me.”

Conservative Party leader-hopeful Jeremy Hunt talking about himself on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Weekly High

To celebrate the E3 gaming expo, Miller Lite turned its beer cans into a Bluetooth controller. Confused? Take a look.

Weekly High 

Actress Jessica Biel walked or perhaps ran into controversy this week over her comments regarding vaccination. She definitely didn’t say she disapproves and definitely did say she doesn’t like intrusive laws that force parents to make a decision. Regardless, where was the publicist navigating this minefield?

Need to know 

Facebook has announced updates to ranking factors for post comments.

Unilever’s CEO has stated the giant will ‘dispose of any brands that don’t stand for something’.

Facebook’s user numbers are falling, potentially due to privacy scandals.

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