Blagger's Blog- Unilever ad rebellion, Construction Week, Oxfam


Weekly High


Construction Week, the largest UK event in the sector attended by 35,000 last year, formally banned ‘promo girls’ from future conferences, which some might see as too little too late considering last October’s edition received staunch criticism on social media thanks to the glamour model edge, but we see as a good example of an organisation taking charge of a situation and responding to an obvious problem in a clear manner.

Weekly Low


Most of this week’s headlines have been dominated by the revelations about some Oxfam aid workers, with the scandal centred on sexual harassment, solicitation, and other the apparent huge abuses of power in countries including Haiti and Chad. Whether the charity can fully recover, and what implications this has on the entire sector, remains to be seen, but it’s certainly looking very, very bad right now.

Need To Know

*The website Salon has taken a bold step by offering visitors the chance to use their CPU power to mine Cryptocurrency rather than viewing adverts— the latest phase in ad blocking?

*A campaign group has won the right to appeal the UK media regulator Ofcom’s decision that 21st Century Fox can take ownership of Sky.

Just In Case You Missed Us

Over the last week on the Smoking Gun blog we’ve been looking at the German court ruling that Facebook’s use of private data is illegal, and assessing the advertising and marketing opportunities presented by the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

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