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Petit Bateau’s new advert has all the right ingredients for back to school week- Plastic Bertrand on the soundtrack, a hectic montage showing just how much strain children put their clothes (and parents) under, and one clear message- this brand’s clothing won’t give up at the first sign of an inbound seven-year-old.

Weekly Low

Multinational PR giant Bell Pottinger is expected to go into administration on Monday, with hundreds of jobs on the line if a buyer is not found. The struggling agency is caught up in controversy surrounding its involvement in stirring up South African racial tensions, and the founder, Lord Bell, appeared on Newsnight to answer questions this week. A brutal grilling, this is a major blow to the reputation of the comms sector, and to make matters even more painful he forgot to turn his phone off.

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This week we’ve been blogging on the news that Facebook has admitted to selling $100,000 of advertising to a Russian ‘troll farm’, which used the space to spread (dis)information in the run up to the US presidential election. More specifically, we’ve been blogging on what this means for trust in the network, and the implications for brands.

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