Blagger’s Blog— World Cup, Smoking Gun v Barca, IHOb


Weekly High

OK, so we didn’t really play Barcelona as the headline of this page suggests, but, as the embedded tweet above shows, we did win Gold for Most Effective Consumer PR Campaign at the Amec Awards in Barcelona last night.

Weekly Low



Crêpes!!! America’s beloved IHOP (as International House of Pancakes) has changed its name to IHOB (as in “burgers burgers burgers”) to celebrate the fact it will now also be serving burgers. There’s been widespread confusion, many customers aren’t happy, and few seem sure whether it’s permanent (new signage on storefronts suggests so). Still, at least the jokes on social are funny.

Need To Know

Snapchat is rolling out a new ‘Login with Snapchat’ kit for other app developers— allowing users to access accounts with their Snapchat profile rather than Facebook.

Teleport is a new subscription service for flights, launched in the U.S., which can offer fixed price fares on routes when booked in advance.

Just In Case You Missed Us

Recently on the Smoking Gun blog we’ve been writing about how to find good PR ROI after ‘the end of public relations’, and tips on tailoring your PR strategy for the influencer age. So basically strategising and advising.

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