Blagger’s Blog: Floods, processed animals, psycho parrots

“It’s really wet.”

Every single person in the UK this week, although I’m particularly in northern regions. Some parts of Yorkshire saw a month’s worth of rain in half a day.

Weekly High

Dave’s partnership with CALM— the Campaign Against Living Miserably— reached new highs this week. At just after 9.10pm on Wednesday during an ad break standard commercials were replaced by 11 comedians telling funny anecdotes about their friends. The idea was to encourage guys to call pals struggling with depression in a bid to reduce the rate of male suicide.

Weekly Low 

 Environmentally conscious, vegetarian, vegan and sensible Australians have been outraged this week as farmers in New South Wales decided to rebrand the process of slaughtering animals. It will now be referred to as ‘processing’. New word, same fate though.

Need to know 

New tools have been rolled out that will send email alerts when rival brands launch Facebook ad campaigns.

In a move we never predicted, a ruling has declared that the UK press can draw comparisons between parrots and human psychopaths.

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